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Oklahoma Corporate Photography/ Hagler Photography rates
Shooting time: $200 for 2 hours, $50 per hour after first 2 hours.
There is a 2 hour minimum charge.
Time starts with first photo taken and ends with last photo shot. Time is rounded to last  hour mark passed (2 hours & 59 minutes is counted as 2 hours.)

Editing time: Intial editing is included with minimum shooting time charge. There is no additional charge for editing within 33 days of shoot. It is Photographer's discretion on how many photos can be edited but no less than 5 per hour of shoot (provied at least 5 photos are taken per hour.)

Travel: No additional charge for OKC/Edmond metro area. 50 cents per mile outside counties adjacent to Oklahoma county Any county Immediately adjacent to Oklahoma county is charged a flat rate of $20. Mileage charges begin when travel is required outside this area (counties not adjacent to Oklahoma county). Travel outside the state of Oklahoma is negotiable.

Proofs: Can be posted online for review at customer request. Proofs may have watermark and will not be full size.

CD's: 1st CD is free, additional copies are $5.
Digital copies: are e-mailed to recipients if desired at no charge for first 30 days. 25 cents per photo after first 30 days.

Full sized photos can be posted online if customer requests to download at their convienince for 30 days after payment is made.
Raw photos can be provided to customer at time of shoot if customer provides a suitable medium to load photos onto.  

Prints: Prints can be made cost is subect to service desired and can be negotiated.

Payment: is expected when photos are taken. Paypal is accepted as well as cash or money order. Customer is also responsible for additional expenses if required at time of shoot (parking etc.)

Editing: is guaranteed to be done within 3 business days.
Additional corrections/effects to photos can be made at no additional charge for first 30 days. Corrections cost $5 per photo 33 days after shoot.